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Head To Toe Therapy

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Since our founding in 2007, we are committed to providing the best of the best in therapy services. We pride ourselves on our child and family-focused approach that emphasizes the highest possible standards. Browse our website to learn more about us.

Baby Stretches

Taking Care of Pediatric Occupational Physical Therapy So You Can Take Care of You and Your Family

In order to safeguard the emotional health and wellbeing of family life, parenting nowadays requires a lot from all members of the family.

Being a parent right now is really difficult. The goal of Head to Toe Therapy is to reduce stress and the stress-inducing factors as much as possible while increasing fun in your homes and your interactions with your kids. To successfully manage life, work, and relationships, we all require a certain set of fundamental skills.


Pediatric Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy


Regional Center of Orange County


Mentoring Services

Occupational Therapy 

Meditating with Baby


Make An Impact At Any Age Of A Child

Holistic Approach

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