I am going to start featuring some of the toys that we use on a regular basis in the clinic with the children (infants and toddlers).

A lot of our toys are hand-me-downs from my children or from other therapists children. Some were bought many years ago when I first started as a therapist doing in-home visits. Majority of them have been discontinued. Some of the companies that made the toys no longer exist. BUT you can find similar toys in the stores or you can look on craigslist or eBay for them.

General rule: a toy should not cost more than $20.00. Unless it is an awesome toy that does laundry or cleans up after up and the child, most toys are not worth more than $20.00. The children will out grow the toy before you get your monies worth. IF you are a craigslister or garage sale person, and plan on getting some money back that way. It is much more economical to just limit yourself to a $20.00 limit. It can go along way, especially at Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Ross.

I will take a picture of the first toy tomorrow and post.