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A Gym, a Community

I have always wondered when a child doesn’t need therapy but needs to continue to have a sensory rich diet, where do they (them and their families) go? Playgrounds/parks have really limited equipment and restrictions with how you can use the equipment. To place a swing in the middle of the living space may not be an option especially if you live in an apartment or in rental property. Plus, kids grow, so the equipment needs to be bigger too.

I have had an idea for families that wish to provide their kids with sensory needs a place to go where they have access to equipment. But also provide a place for families can create a supportive community for each other. Learn, play, and laugh with other families that have had similar experiences.

This place I am talking about is a sensory gym. Not a therapy gym, a sensory gym. They are popping up, mainly in the East Coast. But they are being created by active, motivated families that want the best for their family. They started small and have grown. One such place is Extreme Kids and Crew in New York. Yes, NEW YORK!

The director is a mom with a child with sensory needs and saw that even though therapy is great and beneficial, one time to two times a week is just not enough, and a therapist is not always necessary when you are just carrying out the basic of a sensory diet. They charge base on income and it run it similar to a workout gym. You check in and you guide your workout.

I have not found a place like this in Orange County. At least when I do an internet search.

It has been a dream of mine and this year I am making a reality. If you are interested contact me at [email protected]


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