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One of the team members – Nutritionist/Dietitian

When I evaluated a child for the first time, I ask the parents what other therapies or specialists that their child has seen or are scheduled to see. Often they have been referred to a gastroenterologist. One specialist that has been a must on a team is the nutritionist/dietitian. A good one. That listens to the family and is compassionate, as well as passionate, when it comes to nutrition. No judging, just recommendations and suggests for the family. I have been fortunate to find one in Orange County in Melanie Silverman, MS, RD, IBCLC. I have not met anyone equal in her passion for nutrition but based in reality of family life.

What can a nutritionist help?
A nutritionist can really look at your child’s food intake as well as the family food intake and really dig deep and analyze if your child is getting all the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive. Which is what as parents we need to hear. They can assist in making slow changes in food choices to improve overall health and wellbeing for all the in the family, not just the child with feeding issues. They should be a coach for good food choices.
Interested in contacting Melanie?
Here is her contact info:
Melanie Silverman, MS, RD, IBCLC
(949) 607-8248