Monthly Archives: July 2009

What have they tried.

Now I find out what the parents have tried. This helps since I want to know what has worked and what hasn’t work. Even if it worked for a little while. It is a piece of the puzzle. It also helps to know where the child is coming from as well as the parents. Desperate parents will try anything when they are told that their child has to eat. If they don’t their child/baby, will be malnourished. This can lead to so many things such as decreased brain growth and overall developmental delays.
So what have they tried. I have heard it all:
1. We don’t feed him/her until they ask. – they never do.
2. We only let him/her run around and we follow him/her around and feed them.
3. We put him/her in a high chair and just opened his/her mouth and made them eat.
4. We distract him/her with toys or T.V.
5. We just let him/her have milk.

the majority of parents will tell me these things with guilt in their voice. More than once I have hear a parent say how they are just a bad parent because they have tried one or some of these methods. I always tell parents: there are bad parents in the world…they are the ones that don’t care…you care, you try these things for your child. For THEIR best.” And that is why they are here with me.